Saturday, 25 August 2012

Our gratitude to you and Juma Lodge

I have been eager to write you since our return from our absolutely wonderful travels in Brazil. My Brazilian friend, Flavia Fontes, had done a little search for me and suggested we look into BNT.
I am indebted to Flavia and very grateful to you. You were so informative and responsive. So my 17- and 13-year-old grandsons and I were at Juma for 5+ days. The first awesome experience was seeing the parallel path of the Rios Negro and Solimoe. Following are some of the highlight activities:
tree climbing
visiting a gargantuan tree (following a long water journey) fishing for and eating piranha trekking deep into the jungle in order to see a broad variety of flora and fauna (including tarantula) up close touring on Juma Lake with stops at a charming farm and at the original tourist lodge in the Amazon (floating on gigantic logs that seem petrified by now) lounging in the circle of hammocks paddling in canoes through mysterious waters with entrees through the jungle into other bodies of water dining sumptuously and resting comfortably in our own thatched cabin complete with porch and hammock having elusive fauna and flora pointed out viewing sunrise and sunset from the water …and much more.

I compliment Juma Lodge on a superbly organized program and large staff of gracious and very well informed guides. (I did not take enough time, just before departure, to fill out the evaluation form adequately.) We were lucky to have Kendrich--so exuberant, talented, deeply informed, and accommodating. Evo was our regular waterman and he was a gem too.

So we give 10 stars to Juma Lodge. Wish we had met you. Thank you for all that you did to facilitate a wonderful adventure for the three of us.
Yours with gratitude, Beth DuMez

P.S. Our one regret: we returned to the lodge from an expedition only minutes too late to witness a big fight between an alligator and an anaconda (alligator was still there, seemingly resting while digesting); anaconda skin was floating next to the alligator.

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