Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mating jaguars

We have received some unique photos of jaguars mating, taken by our client Kelvin Brown, who travelled with us to the Jaguar Ecological Reserve in the northern Pantanal last October. 
The Pantanal is probably the best place in the world to see jaguars, but to see two together is very unusual, and to see them mating is even more unusual.
Kelvin’s story: "On our holiday to the Brazilian Pantanal, nature treated us to a rare spectacle. During a boat safari down the fast flowing Cuiaba River, our guide Eduardo, owner of the Jaguar Ecological Reserve where we stayed, spotted a beautiful female Jaguar on the riverbank. She was quite active and there seemed to be a lot of growling going on. Then another Jaguar came into view, a male. Eduardo told us these were probably a breeding pair and to our surprise, the female laid down on the bank facing us in full view and the male immediately responded. Our pictures tell the rest of the story. We felt very privileged to have witnessed such a rarity. Nature truly is a wonderful thing, every now and then allowing us to glimpse something really special."

Some picture of this unique scene:

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