Thursday, 14 April 2011

Feedback Charlie & Peg Chace

Itinerary: Brasilia - Manaus - Amazon River Cruise on MY Tucano

Peg and I were totally satisfied with our recent tour.  We were well cared for at every location and all plans went smoothly. 
Our driver in Brazilia was very proud of the fact that he served as interpreter for President Obama just one week before we arrived.  He did a fine job of escorting us, although at first he took us to the Royal Tulip, which was quickly corrected.  By the dress of the people in the lobby, we knew that we didn't belong there.  The city tour was generally good.  We visited one chapel and one cathedral that were both beautiful.  We could have done without the long drive past endless entrances to various embassies. 
The rooms at the Tropical Manaus were very good.  We quickly realized that there one pays for the overall features; pools, activities, zoo, security, resturants and shops.  We never looked at any rooms other then the luxury rooms you booked for us, but based on our experience, I would recomment that you use the lu\xury rooms for anyone staying more then one night. 
The cruise was a complete thrill.  We had 13 passangers.  Guides told us that over 15 gets crowded, and we believe that, due to the size of the dining room and competition for hot water during the 1/2 hour/day that it is offered.  We did several trips/day either hiking in the forest or in canoes.  Each trip had new experiences.  I shot over 600 pictures. 
Thank you for recommending this tour.  It will be a cherished memory. 
We would be pleased to recommend this excursion to anyone. 
Charlie and Peg Chace

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